Friday, December 24, 2010

1000 Lacerations

I step forth into the dawn of a new era. A man of many resolutions, and one without regrets. I gave my hands to the world and they used them for hardships and soothing. When the world looked up and realized that the gracious giver had gave without regrets or second thoughts, they dropped their heads in their shame. I who had gave, consoled the world and told it that should not feel shame, for I am of fault of being a greedy person too. Vanity runs through my veins just as well as yours. Through its course to my heart begins a new cycle of human natures unfairness judgement. We all feel this oppression and its unruly justice. I will walk your foot steps and take the blame for your faults. As he spoke these words the world soon realize that they had a target. Instead of being looked at as a hero, they used as a slave. He received punishment and cruelty from all walks of human life. He cried, got beaten, and work for a thousand days.  I tried to tell them that he was reaching his limit, but the world didn't listen. Their eyes started to glow with a great shine, one eye red and the other green. One of jealousy and the other pure evil. In the mind of the world they knew they wanted to keep the man under their control, but their problem was that he was extremely to strong. So they decided to throw chains on him. He was never released for a thousand years. Until one day he looked up in the sky and saw that it was bright light. The light melted the chains and he flew into the sky.  He knew no anger because he knew the world would treat him this way. He forgave them and never forgot what they did to. So he decided to throw chains on the world not out of anger or revenge, but rather to teach them a lesson. If they learned is up to us. Choose your own ending that fits you. Continue to be binded to the earth or break free and fly.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

The PitStopS (PitStop 1)

Every once in a while you have to slow down in your approach to things, or maybe just take a break. Take to time to reflect on accomplishments and feats of the day. As you take your break let you positivity regenerate itself so you can continue to exert it into the world. Fuel us with more than words of encouragement, but with actions as well. Give graciously to the hearts of the hungry, as the hunger for attention and consumption of redemption.

First Steps

Before you start a voyage you always prepare things in advance. You the essentials things such as: food, water, change of clothes, etc... But how do you prepare your mind. Its something that deserves time right? Truthfully in the minds on many they believe that they don't need preparation until they reach their destination bare. With nothing to hold on to, no lessons learned, and no inspiration. Now what was the purpose of the journey if no one got anything out of it. We are here to live and learn life's a journey in itself. So if you die and your legacy is left with blank spots,what will you do or think? If you can't anwser any of the questions that you begin to ponder, then you need to reconsider what it is that you are doing. Become productive in every way possible. Things don't happen magically, well not at least in certain situations. I'm here to guide my people from every to a revolution of more than just self realization, this is a world realization.. Walk before you crawl and kneel for no lie.. First steps