Sunday, March 20, 2011

Identity Crisis

This shortest post that I have done. Um.. I basically ran into some road blocks while I was soul searching. One of those blocks was that I really wanted to know who I was. Though in logic I am "young" and people usually try to tell younger people you need to experience life to find you. While I believe in evolution (this has nothing to do with religion, but in some ways it does.) of life. So changing with each step along the way is only natural. Everybodies inertia is naturally to stay the same, but I have come to a breakthrough. I have added another Name to Tyrant... His Identity is two thirds completed. Now introducing.... Tyrant Pryonomica. This name means so much more to me than I thought initally. There is some many reasons, but I'll only name a few. Like the fact that all my team mates or crew members have two names. I thought to myself for while like where would this name come from or do I even really need it? Obivously I really don't. Then it was established through a great conversation with my great friend The Stark White Wolf, (who shall be talked about in future post), that I am extremely flashy and over the top with the things I do. As well as my hardcore addiction to the MC Jay Electronica. And in due time I also read that another favorite MC of mines by the name of Mickey Factz, had went through a name change his self. He started out as Renegade, and later changed his named after being inspired by another  MC with a similar name. So inspiration was flowing from every where, which eventually hit me and turned me into who I am today.  At the beginning it was the shortest post now its the second longest. Talk about mind warping

Signed off  Tyrant Pyronomica

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